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December 2005 Update

The Roanoke TimesThe following article by Marquite Brown appeared in The Roanoke Times on Friday, December 30, 2005.


Linda Balentine, Owner, Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services
Linda Balentine is the owner and founder of Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services in North Roanoke County. The moving company alsohas an Estate Shoppe, pictured here, where clients can consign unwanted furniture.

March 31, 2005

THEN: Roanoke-based Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services is concerned not only with moving a person’s belongings from one residence to another. The movers also measure clients’ new homes to make sure their furniture will fit, check expiration dates on clients’ food and medicine, and look for frayed extension cords. They hang pictures, mirrors and shelves, and haul away clients’ trash.

For these reasons and more, Crowning Touch’s clientele has grown significantly since the business opened in 1996, said owner Linda Balentine. A consignment shop to the business opened in 2002.

Published December 30, 2005

NOW: Crowning Touch now includes a licensed auction house, Balentine, 57, said. The first auction will be held Jan. 12 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the business’ main location, 6704 Williamson Road. Crowning Touch probably will have auctions every 60 days, Balentine said.

Another new service provided by Crowning Touch could save clients’ lives. They have formed a partnership with the Roanoke City Fire Department to install fire detectors in the homes of all of their clients who are moving to Roanoke or Roanoke County.

Crowning Touch also is making final franchise preparations by selecting a board of directors and finalizing its investors. The first franchise might open next year, Balentine said. Turning Crowning Touch into a franchise has been Balentine’s goal since she started the company in the basement of her home.

The company has won awards for its consignment shop and moving services. They also moved many seniors to The Glebe, a retirement community in Daleville. Crowning Touch movers recently relocated residents from Pennsylvania, and they will also go to New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg.

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