What is Rightsizing? Article by Crowning Touch founder Linda Balentine, as featured in OurHealthSWVA.com

Linda Balentine
Linda Balentine, Founder
Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services
Photo credit: ourhealthswva

“Our Health Southwest Virginia featured “What is Rightsizing?” an article by Crowning Touch founder Linda Balentine.

“Life is all about adapting, and ‘rightsizing’ means adapting positively to a physical change in circumstance. The opportunity to rightsize applies most dramatically when one is faced with the option of moving. Life’s last few decades frequently bring health challenges, and rightsizing is a dynamic and proactive way to enhance your quality of life by reducing your footprint….”

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Featured article: “What is Rightsizing?” by Linda Balentine, as published by OurHealthSWVA.com.

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Feature article: <a href="https://crowningtouchusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/what-is-rightsizing-by-linda-balentine.pdf" target="_blank">What is Rightsizing?</a>; by Linda Balentine

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