When Seniors Make the Move

Excerpt from “When Seniors Make the Move,”Valley Business FRONT feature article, August 2105.

A Big Decision: Where to Go, Where to Live

Linda Balentine, Founder & CEO of Crowning Touch
Linda Balentine, Founder & CEO of Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services

“According to Linda Balentine, founder and CEO of Crowning Touch, a Roanoke-based senior moving services company that includes not only help with moving, but consignment, auction and real estate, the average age when senior Americans decide to move out of his/her/their home of record is 82. ‘Interestingly,’ she adds, ‘when they do move, the average distance between them and their nearest child is 200 miles.’

“Balentine continues that when you consider the fact that in many cases these seniors’ friends are choosing not to drive at night and they themselves either no longer drive or choose only close destinations, life ‘lots of times has become very lonely.'”

"Throw over your heart, and your horse will follow." - Linda BalentineCONTROL: Because such lifestyle decisions can indeed involve a substantial portion of the assets of an individual or couple, the decision on who has power of attorney — both financial and health — can and does become a huge issue….

“In some cases, the person chosen may not be a family at all. Linda Balentine has been appointed the executrix for the estate of a woman whom she helped move 18 years ago. ‘There’s a problem in the parent/child/sibling relationship, and she came to me instead. Just another example of how powerful the familial scene becomes.'”

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