Recent Real Estate Testimonials

Knollwood home sold“We chose [your the Crowning Touch Real Estate] as the Realtor to sell my dad’s house, after meeting with [him] and discussing options. He made recommendations about what we could do to make the house more marketable, since it was built in 1974 and had not had any major updates since then. We decided to put in hardwood floors upstairs, new flooring in the den, a new den door, and have the interior painted. [Your broker] handled the logistics of bringing in the appropriate vendors to handle the renovations, which saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort, since we don’t live in the Roanoke area. We maintained close contact by phone or email during the process, so we always knew what was happening at my dad’s house.The listing went up on the MLS on August 15 and we signed a contract of sale on August 25—10 days on the market. We know that, without the renovations and new paint, the house would not have sold that quickly. My dad was thrilled with the quick sale, and now he can rest knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about the house anymore. At age 94, that’s a big deal.

“[Your broker] said that he wished all clients would listen as well as we did, since we heard and understood that renovations were necessary to be competitive in this real estate market. He also told us that we had to price it right, so we chose a sales price within the range for which comparable houses in the area were selling. We appreciated [his] candor and his low-key approach, and his years of experience in real estate sure paid off for us.

We would highly recommend [Crowning Touch Real Estate] to anyone looking to sell their home.”

— Zelma and Charlie Harris, Pearisburg, VA

Another Victory Report

Crowning Touch Real Estate: “The original owner of this property had passed 10 + years ago. The property was left to a son and a daughter while the son still lived in the Roanoke area the sister was residing in Raleigh, NC.  They had the property on the market several times without a successful buyer. One of the several real estate agents they had worked with convinced them they should owner- finance and “get rid” of the property. Since neither were interested in managing rental property and continuing to maintain the property, that seemed like a solution at that time.  They quickly learned that it was easier to get a family into a property than it was to get them out. The payments became sporadic until they finally stopped.

“The house was trashed and again they had to go back into a property that they thought was sold, hire an attorney and initiate foreclosure proceedings. Months later they regained control of the property and once again had to renovate the home.”

“I met [your real estate broker] at the property in the dead of winter. I told him I would like the property sold in 30 days. We walked through the house and came up with a price where he felt he could make that happen. We had a few low ball offers within the first few weeks. Then he had several interested buyers but they were unable to obtain financing. On the 29th day he called with the good news. ’I think we did it’, he said. [He] had an all-cash contract to close in 30 days. He did what no one else was able to do.

“Thanks for a job well done!”

— The Dooley Family