Franchise Opportunities

Moving ServicesYes, we are franchising our business model. We are not “selling” franchises as much as “awarding” them. While we are anxious to establish franchises coast to coast, in metropolitan areas of 900,000 plus, we are going to be very selective. Our plan is to develop the Mid-Atlantic and southern states initially.

The word franchise means freedom. We are offering a franchise opportunity that allows you the freedom to own and direct your own business, utilizing our successful recipe card. We have operated this award winning business model in Roanoke, Virginia, for 21 years and that is the basis for our franchise “system”. Our willingness to share our experience allows you to open a Crowning Touch franchise with little or no experience in our industry. You will save money and avoid much trial and error. There are other moving company franchises but we are positioned to help you capture twice the gross volume of the average moving franchise because we do more than just generate moving revenue. We have an added retail component that sets us apart and positions us for a huge revenue enhancement over an “old school” moving system.

If you clicked on this page, it must mean that you are researching business or occupational opportunities going forward. We are honored that you are considering Crowning Touch.


Consignment ShopIf you have searched our website, you already know that we are the only moving company in the U.S. with a consignment shop, auction house and real estate division. The vertical integration and multiple profit centers make us recession resistant. The moving company division feeds the pipeline for asset dispersal through the retail divisions. While in the course of doing a moving estimate it becomes readily apparent to a downsizing client that you are the only mover they will talk to that can write them a check for what they don’t want to take with them. That is an exciting advantage.

Auction HouseCrowning Touch trumps the competition every time. We are a one stop shop for any senior that is downsizing. AND WE HAVE FUN! We do it all for a swelling senior demographic that will have increasing needs for the next 20 years. So we are perfectly positioned to plant and grow a widespread franchise system unlike any other in the country.

We have written our own proprietary software that among other things allows you to hold Browse and Bid® auctions in your own auction house every month without an auctioneer. And each auction is a widely attended event. Bidders can bid in house from one of our computer stations or from a smart phone or home computer or tablet. All the items are consigned. (And you get paid to pick up and deliver.) We sell everything from boats and cars to appliances, tools, furniture, jewelry, art, antiques and collectibles. We split the profits with our consignors 50/50. We perform a huge community service by recycling household goods back into the general population as a by-product of our senior moving activity.

Real EstateThere is no head to head competition for this service in your community. A potential franchisee must enjoy being a pace setter. This is a vanguard opportunity to launch a national award winning concept. It is not a 24/7 business so there is time to catch your breath, but it requires incredible attention to detail and lots of hard work. You can expect a 60 to 70 hour work week. The rewards are tremendously satisfying. It’s likely you will emerge as a hero in your community. But it is very important that your immediate family is on board. Especially during a business start-up, you will be making sacrifices and we want to make sure that you will have your family’s support. We also want you to be realistic about your abilities and your goals. We will help you analyze those early in our negotiations.

AuctionWe require the owner to be involved in the day to day operations of the business, have a specified net worth and ideally some business experience. We provide all the training at Crowning Touch University, as well as on site, for the owner, managers and other staff as needed. We also assist with site selection, business set-up, advertising, and product/equipment supply. In exchange you pay an upfront franchise fee and on-going royalty. In essence you are paying for our expertise. And you become part of our “family” where everyone pitches in and helps everyone become successful.

Crowning Touch Franchise Tradeshow BoothIf you would like us to contact you about becoming a franchisee, please click here to complete the Franchise Inquiry form. We know you will have lots of questions and we would love to speak with you. Just make sure that you have familiarized yourself with our website as a first step. Eventually we would love to have you visit us to take a closer look at what we are offering and imagine our business in your community. Take the time to participate in one of our monthly auctions. We want to make sure that you feel this business is a “fit” for you and that you could enjoy it. Otherwise you won’t be successful. And that can’t happen!

We look forward to speaking with you.