Finally, It’s Moving Day!

Linda Balentine, Owner & President
Article by Linda Balentine, Owner & President of Crowning Touch, for Senior News

This is the last chapter of our Let’s Get Moving series, because once you have hit moving day, you have definitely crossed a “finish line” of sorts. Weeks of sorting, packing, donating and selling have finally culminated in this big day. If you have had a sleepless night before moving day, you are not alone. Most seniors experience incredible stress related to moving and it peaks the closer you get to the arrival of the moving trucks. But you need to push through the final details to experience the full exhilaration that comes with being ensconced in your new home.

Hopefully you have not disconnected your phone before movers are due to arrive or you have given them a cell phone number so they can contact you the morning of the move if there is a delay or a problem. Weather can complicate prearranged start times or trucks can develop problems and you deserve to know what is going on in a timely way, so stay connected to your movers.

Moving day is not the day to sleep in. If health considerations make you slow to get going on an average morning, allow extra time on moving day. The movers need to get going early, certainly no later than 9 a.m., so the move can be completed early enough to allow for the necessary unpacking and reconnecting of lamps, phones and TVs at the other end. Schedule your wake-up call so you have time to eat something (very important) and still have time to pack the last details that you left for moving morning. The bedding still needs to be packed as well as a few lamps and items in the kitchen and bathroom. A good moving company should be able to help you with that but they need to know ahead of time if you are going to need packaging and help. Don’t assume that they will have what they need on the truck if you haven’t alerted them.

The cost of a move, being billed at an hourly rate, has everything to do with the access at the point of loading. To guarantee that the truck can get as close as possible to your house, make sure you move your personal vehicles out of the way before the moving trucks arrive. This may mean parking them down the street, but whatever it takes, make sure the driveway or curb is easily accessible.

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