Auction Registration Information

Browse & Bid Auction - Bid On or Off SiteRegistration for bidding must be done in person at the Auction House. You will be asked to complete a brief registration form the first time you attend. Your personal information will be retained for future auctions. Your bidder number will change from one auction to the next, but after the initial registration you need only provide your name, confirm your address and update any information that may have changed.

You will be provided with a bidder card that has your bidder number, your last name and space available to notate Lot numbers and descriptions for each item you may wish to bid on. It is important that you make note of each description, because it is your responsibility to verify both the Lot number and what it is you are placing a bid on with the computer station attendant.

The Bidding Process

Bidding in Person

Two loyal bidders testing out a new couch before they place their bid

Bids are placed in person by taking your bidder card to one of the computer station attendants. You will tell the attendant what your bidder number is and verify your last name. You will provide the attendant with the first lot number on your list. The attendant will verify the lot number and read the description.

You are responsible for ensuring that the description and lot number the attendant provides match the information that you have noted on your bidder card. The attendant will then tell you the current high bid and you will tell the attendant what bid amount you would like to place. Bids are not retractable and are a binding contract between you and the auction house.

All bids placed on Friday will carry over to the second day of bidding on Saturday. Bidding ends at 8:00 pm on Saturday evening. The winning bid will be the highest bid in the computer at 8:00 pm Saturday. Pay and pick up items won between Mon.–Fri. from 8am–5pm and on Sat. from 8am till noon the week following the auction.

Bidding Online

Our newest feature allows registered bidders to bid live during the auction from the comfort of their home through our website ( Our newest feature requires that you obtain a bidder number and examine all lots in person, but once you have made your list of lot numbers and descriptions of items you are interested in, you can log in to the Auction with your bidder number
(your password will be your driver’s license number) and be part of the action. You now have the ability to create a personal watch list, check current bid amounts and place a bid with just a few clicks.

To Start:
Go to the website and select “Online Bidding”. Sign in with your bidder number and license number. Select your first lot number to bid on. Verify the lot number and description as it pertains to the information you have written on your bidder card (the notes you made when you were browsing in the Auction). You will see the current high bid. You may select an amount from the drop down menu or you may enter your own bid in the “Other” block. If you choose to enter a bid amount in the “Other” block you will need to follow the increment bidding chart as stated above.

All bids will prompt a confirmation screen before the bid is final. Bids placed with odd amounts (such as $293.48) will be rounded up to the next appropriate bid automatically ($295.00) you will have the option to accept or decline that bid before the bid is final. Bidding will refresh approximately every 30 seconds, we recommend that you place your best and final bid before the last moment of the auction.

Clocks in the Auction House will be used to determine the moment the auction ends. Bidding online will end at the same time the horn is blown in the auction to end bidding in person. Approximately 60 seconds after the auction has ended the screen will reflect the winning bidder. All bids placed online are a binding contract between you (the bidder) and the Auction.

All bids are subject to the Rules/Policies of Crowning Touch Auction House. We reserve the right to resolve any discrepancy in accordance with our company policy and procedures.

Click here for a printable PDF of the Auction Registration Information Form.