Crowning Touch Blog # 1 – Going Above & Beyond

After running a moving company for 25 years, I realized that I have some real tales to tell, some sad, some funny, but all real experiences that illustrate the special qualities that set us apart from other moving companies.

I remember when we were packing up Holly in early Feb. for her move. She was a senior, living alone in an enormous house on a small “farmette”. Her pride and joy were her pet sheep. By mid-morning, she was totally distraught. She had discovered one of her sheep dead in a  pasture, and the buzzards were already circling. No farmer close by was available with a tractor or bobcat to bury the sheep and she couldn’t bare to see the buzzards pick him clean. My wonderful packers rose to the occasion, dragging the 200 lb. sheep up a steep hill to the burial spot Holly had chosen. Then we dug through the partially frozen earth, buried the animal, and consoled Holly with a small “service” to soothe her soul. Muddy and tired, we went back to our packing chores.

This tale is a perfect illustration of our corporate philosophy. There is nothing we won’t due during the course of a move to alleviate the stress for our senior clients.

Pictured is Holly feeding her sheep.

Warm regards,

Linda Balentine, President
Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services

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